RDA Releases NHS-Based Health & Wellness Data for the geoTribes Explorer

Like most of the developed world, Australia is transitioning to a significantly older population to the point where one in seven people are now aged 65 and over. This rate of change is expected to increase over the coming decades, bringing with it a stronger demand for healthcare and a dramatic shift in the landscape of the Australian marketplace. Staying on top of these demographic trends will be key for remaining competitive in the health & wellness sector going forward.  In light of this, RDA has released a new set of Health and Wellness measures as a Market Data pack in the geoTribes Explorer.

Where does the data come from? 

This new data has been constructed from the 2017-18 National Health Survey (NHS) which is used to track health trends in the Australian community, examining over 21,000 people in 16,000 private dwellings. RDA applies proprietary machine learning algorithms to this Census data and construct a range of data packs that enable mapping and geospatial analysis of key health variables including:

          – Health Status

          – Risk Factors

          – Health Actions

          – Medical Conditions

          – Medications

Examples of some of these variables seen across Sydney are available in the slideshow below…

What Can I Do With it?

The new Health and Wellness data has been projected to the most recent 2018 Estimated Resident Population base and can be used in analysis for:

– Geospatial media targeting
– Trade area profiling for retail pharmacies and medical clinics
– Targeting of government services and policy development

If you have any queries about the new data, contact the RDA Help Desk ( or +612 8923 6655).