Motor Vehicle Demand Data Updated in the geoTribes Explorer

With demand slowing in the Australian automotive market, the need for accurate targeting of marketing resources has become even more critical. With this in mind, RDA is pleased to announce an upgrade to its current motor vehicle Market Data in the geoTribes Explorer platform. This substantially revised data pack of variables includes registration data for over thirty major motor vehicle brands including a breakdown of demand for their most popular models.

Where does the data come from? 

The new data is the result of applying a sophisticated machine-learning algorithm to the 2018 Australian Bureau of Statistics’ motor vehicle census data. This is gathered from over 19.2 million motor vehicle registrations across Australia. The RDA data science team developed the new modelling technique for identifying patterns of historical and potential purchases based on prior registrations. As a part of this process, commercial and dealer registrations were statistically removed in order to more accurately reflect private ownership patterns. Moreover, the vehicle penetration estimates have been produced at the most granular geographic level possible – (SA1) – whereas the original Motor Vehicle Census data was only available for postcodes. The slider below provides some examples of demand patterns for some of the highest selling car models across Sydney.

What Can I Do With it? 

This motor vehicle data represents a balanced view between historical registrations and likely potential future ones based on an analysis of underlying demand drivers. As a result, the modeled data has broad digital targeting and market analysis applications and can be used for:

        – Media/Outdoor Audience Targeting: Identifying the best locations for placement of outdoor advertising to support existing models
        – Product Launches: Identifying the best dealerships to launch new models based on demand for similar market offerings.
        – Market Analysis: Assessing market penetration patterns for competitor models to identify counter marketing opportunities

If you have any queries about the new data, contact the RDA Help Desk ( or +612 8923 6655).