Pureprofile Unveils Next-Level Audience Segmentation Offering with RDA Research.

Global media and technology company Pureprofile has partnered with RDA Research to enable further audience segmentation across its audience profiles.

RDA Research’s geoTribes is a unique classification system that rivals traditional geodemographic approaches by grouping consumers into fifteen ‘tribes’ based on their life stage and socio-economic status. Clients are then able to better understand consumer needs, values, behaviours, and motivations.

These segments have been integrated into the Pureprofile Australia opt-in panel, providing even richer insights to customers.

Clients can now uncover the geoTribes segments of their audience, and will be able use this classification to target research, media and advertising campaigns.

Pureprofile CEO Nic Jones said, ‘We are excited to offer clients a deeper understanding of their customers and audience needs and motivations. In order for brands to engage and retain customers, this type of data and insight is critical.’

RDA Research Technical Director and founder Robert Dommett said, ‘We are delighted to be working with Pureprofile and bringing our geoTribes segments to their innovative range of products and services.’