Introducing RDA’s New geoSmart Segmentation Scheme

RDA is pleased to announce the release of its updated geoSmart segmentation scheme. This is the sixth version of geoSmart that we have built since our first model in 1990.

The new geoSmart scheme has 55 segments and 11 groups and has been built to maximize differences in wallet size, spending patterns, media consumption, behavioural response and multicultural influence.

In the marketplace of Australian geodemographic schemes, geoSmart is unique in its incorporation of household expenditure and economic patterns, usage of financial services, lifestyle and discretionary spending power. Through the Census, geoSmart taps into cultural diversity and emphasizes differentials in key lifecycle stages across multicultural groups, with 23 of the 55 segments having a distinctive multicultural character.

Some of the key changes in the marketplace that are now represented in the geoSmart scheme’s new structure are…

  • Substantial increased employment in services, particularly, Health Care, Education & Training and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services and a further reduction in manufacturing.
  • Continued overseas migration into Sydney & Melbourne and internal migration to NSW & Victorian provincial areas.
  • Shifting patterns of socioeconomic status away from older, rural and Caucasian groups towards, towards, younger, multicultural and urban groups.
  • Overrepresentation of younger groups among recent arrivals compared to the established general population.
  • Increase in the aged population, especially in the 65-74 year age group.

The new segments are fully implemented in RDA’s database tagging, Explorer platform, Eyeota and Nielsen and are available for immediate use.

Starting with identification of performance gaps and key targets, geoSmart segments provide a single, consistent segmentation framework linking targeting across all stages of campaign planning.

Campaign Targeting With geoSmart

geoSmart is a highly flexible segmentation system, providing powerful solutions for…

  • Database enhancement to better understand different customers types & how they behave.
  • Selecting customers for campaigns using lookalike targeting.
  • Creating tailored messaging using psychological & lifestyle profiling.
  • Profiling websites & call centre visitors and purchasers by tagging them in real time.
  • Wallet size estimation using RDA’s household expenditure profiles.
  • Gap analysis & market penetration to work out the best areas for business development.
  • Profiling channel usage to improve channel mix.
  • Planning retail networks by locating stores or branches where target segments shop.
  • Profiling lapsed & newly acquired customers to better understand competitive dynamics in the market.
  • Media planning using data available from EMMA & CMV.
  • Digital targeting through Eyeota.

You can look up the geoSmart segment for your address on RDA’s Segment Finder Page.

For more information on Geosmart segmentation visit the RDA website or contact us at the help desk by calling 0289236600.