Eyeota Enhances Reach and Targeting Precision for Leading Australian Market Research Brand

Eyeota Onboarding achieves a 87% match rate to deliver RDA Research addressable audiences for digital targeting of programmatic display, mobile and social channels.

The Client

RDA Research is a data company that provides actionable consumer intelligence to help businesses inform decision making and growth strategies.

The Challenge

RDA Research wanted to make its unique consumer data available for addressable digital targeting and required a data onboarding partner to help activate their data in an online environment.

The Solution

Eyeota Onboarding works by transforming data into cohorts or clusters of consumers with similar characteristics and leverages its proprietary geo-based matching technology to activate these cohorts as addressable audiences for digital marketing and advertising.

The Results

More than 87% of the RDA Research offline IDs are brought to life in the digital world by Eyeota. Brands and advertisers can reach and target 87% of their desired audiences identified offline through digital channels using RDA Research addressable audiences.

Eyeota Onboarding enables a consumer-friendly way to harness data that protects individuals’ privacy by default. RDA Research continues to leverage Eyeota’s privacy-safe onboarding technology to activate its:

  • geoTribes
  • Consumer Profiles
  • Motor Vehicles
  • geoSmart
  • Household Demand & Economics
  • Donor Segments