Most Charitable Areas of Australia Revealed as RDA Models Probability of Donation Across a Range of Causes.

RDA Research has partnered with Conexum to model the Australian population’s likelihood to donate to particular charitable causes. Based on over 3 million donations, the categories include Animal, Children, Disability, Environment, Family, International Aid, Medical and Mental Health, and are available at SA1 Level.

Total Donations

On the whole, charitable giving tended to follow socio-economic lines. As illustrated in the below maps from geoTribes Explorer, the most charitable postcodes in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia are located in wealthy Capital City areas.

Top State Postcodes, Modelled Total Donations



However variations in the spatial distribution begin to emerge when looking at the donation likelihood across category types. People likely to donate towards Animals or Children are relatively universal in their coverage, whereas supporting Families is more concentrated. Likely Environmental and International Aid supporters dominate inner-city areas, and Disability donors are less common in those places while having a higher penetration overall.

Sydney Predicted Donation Index Scores, by SA1 Areas

Melbourne Predicted Donation Index Scores, by SA1 Areas


Shopping Centres

Differentiation is also clear when looking at the Drive Time catchments of Shopping Centres & Precincts, whose surrounding neighbourhoods demonstrate preferences for particular categories.

NSW Top Shopping Centre for Modelled Donation Type, by Drive Time Catchments 


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