Updated UK Data & The Crusaders in London

RDA has recently updated its data for the United Kingdom to reflect the significant demographic changes which have occurred since the 2011 Census. To capture the 2.9 million increase in the adult population, our data scientists employed multiple sources of residential and small area population projections to estimate demographic change. With this data updated, its now possible for users to accurately map geoTribes & socioeconomic (SES) data across the entire country. For example the slider below highlights a map of SES percentiles across the Greater London Area.

London geoTribes & Crusaders

Armed with this new data, it’s also possible to analyse geoTribes compositions across the UK’s largest cities to reveal SES and life-cycle distributions. As shown below, distinct variations exist between London and the other cities, with Londoners being significantly more affluent and younger segments. Crusaders represent the core of London’s population and are notably over-indexed relative to the other tribes.

Crusaders are a culturally diverse segment of high SES, young independents who have a strong focus on upward career mobility. In terms of demographics, on average they’re unmarried, early 30s business professionals who live as inner-city renters. A geoTribes Explorer rank report of London’s districts (see below) demonstrates the clustered nature of the segment’s distribution throughout the city. In particular, it revealed the districts with the highest Crusader penetration as:

1. Shoreditch | 2. Fitzrovia | 3. Nine Elms | 4. West End | 5. Canary Wharf | 6. Spitalfields | 7. Holborn | 8. Farringdon | 9. Queenhithe | 10. Shad Thames

  • SES Percentiles in the Greater London Area

  • geoTribes Composition Comparison

  • Map Of Crusader Penetration & Key Districts in London

What attracts Crusaders to these districts?

London’s Crusaders are most commonly found in urban clusters grouped around affluent commercial (Canary Island, West End) and cultural centers (Shoreditch, Fitzrovia). With established transport infrastructure or close proximity to business districts, these areas are ideal for supporting the career of a young professional. High rental values and gentrification have forced out less affluent segments, turning these areas into ‘on-trend’ hubs of inner city culture. A street view walk around these areas (see below) reveals a network of sites and stores which appeal to their core buying and lifestyle drivers of status and exclusivity.

  • BOXPARK Fashion, Shoreditch

  • Sondheim Theatre, West End

  • Regent Street, West End

  • Cabot Square, Canary Wharf

Moreover, many of these districts host a network of pubs, clubs and theaters, all of which provide a vehicle for the Crusader lifestyle’s pursuit of networked social ‘experiences’. As epicenters of metropolitan life, Crusaders are attracted to living in these areas as they represent the ideal combination of prestige, cultural significance and business proximity. While Crusaders in London may have their own distinct ‘British’ identity, the power of the geoTribes is in the way underlying need states and buying behaviors persist beyond cultural boundaries. This allows geoTribes to be an effective global tool for making cross-country customer database analysis & comparison.

If you have any queries about the UK Update, contact the RDA Help Desk ( or +612 8923 6655).