When 15 geoTribes Are Too Many, Here’s How to Group Them Into a Smaller Number of Segments

One of the main benefits of the 15 level geoTribes Segmentation Scheme is its compact number of segments relative to other geodemographic schemes like Mosaic and Helix. This in conjunction with the readily recognizable segment descriptions, deep supporting documentation and geospatial, digital and database campaign activation options, makes geoTribes segments a popular choice for survey data enhancement.

However, in some situations, 15 Segments may be too many to use effectively, due to:

  1. Small sample size on a survey doesn’t support an analysis across the full 15 segments, particularly when they are crossed with gender.
  2. Operationally it is not practical to use the 15 segments or the underlying market performance drivers necessitate a different structure to the regular geoTribes segments.
  3. You need to build a proprietary corporate segmentation scheme based on your own terminology, concepts and drivers, but you still require the proven fitment process offered by geoTribes.

The most straight forward approach is to combine similar geoTribes Segments to make a smaller number of Custom Combined Segments. The best segment combinations can be derived analytically, based on similarities in your survey subject matter or your research judgment. As a guide however here are some popular combinations:

Once you have identified your geoTribes combinations, you can define them in the geoTribes Segment Profiler Tool and create rich profiles using our extensive library of descriptor variables.

If you have any questions about combining geoTribes Segments, survey data appending or data enhancement more generally, contact the friendly RDA Technical Team on +61 2 8923 6600 or send an email to