Your Guide to RDA’s New Pay-As-You-Go Audience Finder

RDA is pleased to announce the recently released pay-as-you-go format for its existing Audience Finder targeting solution. In doing so, we have brought the Finder’s point and click simplicity to an accessible project-by-project cost basis, meaning you only pay for audiences as you create them. This new option is suited for low volume users who want a fast and simple method of creating and analysing tailored custom audiences. Users don’t lose any features with this option and can still design an audience, select geographic levels to consider, map penetration hotspots and generate target area lists.

Creating an audience happens in four simple stages:

Design Audience & Choose Geography: Within the audience builder users can pick from 300 ready-to-use data pack audiences or combine any number of geoTribes and geoSmart segments, sociodemographic, behavioural, household demand, economics, attitudinal and lifestyle data to create a custom consumer audience. With this wide range of data to draw from, users have the power to formulate detailed consumer segmentation strategies by focusing on underlying purchase drivers. Business audiences can also be generated based on ANZSIC code (down to class level), Revenue and Employee band.

Analyse Reach: Analyse your created audience on statistical dimensions including total size, marginal penetration, state penetration summaries, geoTribe composition and targeting efficiency (gains chart). This data gives a complete picture of the relative size of your target audience compared to the rest of the Australian population.

Map Audience Hotspots: Dynamically map your audience’s penetration hot spots using an easy to navigate Google Map of Australia. Discover the geospatial distribution of your audience with an easy to understand colour index which highlights geographic areas with a high concentration.

Produce Target Area Lists: Generate target area lists (such as postcodes or suburbs) which can then be used for geo-targeting campaigns in Google and Facebook. By focusing on the targeting the areas where your audience is strongest you can increase your overall efficiency and ROI by geographically tailoring your messaging and campaigns.

  • Part 1 - Design Audience And Choose Geography

  • Part 2 - Analyse Reach

  • Part 2 - Analyse Reach

  • Part 3 - Map Audience Hot Spots

  • Produce Target Area Lists

The PAYG option brings the power of the Audience Finder to users looking for a quick and easy way to create and analyse a custom audience in a simple one off payment.

Audience Finder’s other purchase options include:

Embedded in the geoTribes Explorer: This offering is geared towards users of the geoTribes Explorer as an optional addon. Within the system users can create audiences for use in the Explorer’s powerful geoanalytics features and can integrate uploaded customer data and GeoCMV data. Given this level of functionality for created audiences, this option, on an annual license basis, is most suitable for OOH media owners and users with sophisticated analytical requirements.

Annual Licence: This alternative, with optional GeoCMV data, is most suitable for high volume users.

Find out more about the Audience Finder on its product page found here.

If you have any queries about the Audience Finder or any of RDA’s services, contact the RDA Help Desk ( or +612 8923 6655).